How to create Photography NFTs (Part 1)

Photographers wanting to explore listing their work as NFTs should first understand the basics of NFTs. If you are already familiar with terms like web3 and blockchain, you might want to skip a few paragraphs.

Photography NFTs are no different to any creative / art-based NFT. Whether you create a 10,000 PFP (Profile Picture) collection or want to release a 1/1 unique piece of art, the basics are the same.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is an authentic digital record (Non-Fungible Token). You can dive deeper into What is an NFT? For now, we are going to be more succinct. 

So, let’s use digital photography as an example: Up until now, there has not been a recognised system to authenticate a digital asset. Someone could easily right-click-save your work from a website or social profile and masquerade themselves as the creator. Yes, you can watermark images, but where is the authentic proof you created this? The metadata I hear you cry! Well, that is where you can grasp how NFTs are useful. Even if you don’t intend to sell a single NFT, you could still create an NFT to cement that digital legacy, because metadata is stored on the blockchain (forever).

Quick example, you do a shoot where copyright is 100% important. You shoot on Monday, create an NFT on Tuesday… someone steals your images on Wednesday. Boom, send them the blockchain record on Thursday with a warning and they shit their pants on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (homage to Craig David).

What is the Blockchain?

Simply, it stores a permanent digital record of digital assets. You can also authenticate tangible products on the blockchain, by using the NFT as the authenticity certificate and connecting the two for ultimate legitimacy. Check out the Physical NFT page here. 

There are multiple blockchains, we won’t go into the subtle differences of each, but in simple terms, they each tend to work with a specific digital currency. 

Here are a few NFT blockchains we have worked on:

Ethereum – ETH
Tezos – TEZ
Solana – SOL

All these blockchains have something in common. All require a Digital Wallet to create and buy NFTs. What is a Digital Wallet? (Article Coming Soon)

NFT Marketplaces

Many marketplaces make NFT creation simple. NFTs are usually organised into collections, listing NFTs is relatively straightforward, but we will be doing an article soon for a deeper dive. Digital Army also run workshops on how to list (mint) NFTs. 

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Here are a few NFT Marketplaces we would recommend. 




The Process

From start-to-finish, here is a VERY BASIC illustration of NFT Creation to NFT Sale.

  1. Mint NFT on Blockchain / Marketplace
  2. List the NFT
  3. NFT Sale
  4. % Royalty on ALL future sales

NFT Photographers we like


In our opinion, Photography NFTs, more than any other digital art genre, is suited to NFT and Blockchain. Since the dawn of digital photography, never has there been a perfect partner to legitimatise and authenticate this snapshot of time and it’s incredible medium. Can you tell we are uber-passionate about Photography and Photography NFTs.

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